Thoughts on the Invisible Lesbian

invisible lesbian

It is no secret that gay males dominate Berlin´s queer community. Statistics show that places like San Francisco have a more or less equal distribution of gays and lesbians, and Berlin should be no different. But the gay scene is far more prominent for gay men than for lesbians. How come? Even Berlin´s “Schwule Museum” can only be described as a “gay male museum.” Founded in 1985, it was intended to dedicate an equal amount of exhibition space to male and female pertinent history. There…

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winter in berlin
Best of Berlin Home

How to do Winter in Berlin

It´s getting cold and cozy in the Hauptstadt. Time for home delivery service (cue the movie marathons), Glühwein and… wait for it… the Adventskalender.  I love Berlin winters because even though it gets cold, at least there will be snow. The winter is a…


The 5 Best Gay Bars in Berlin

Berlin has more gay bars than any other city in the world. With so many places to choose from, where do you start!? Funny enough, the best nights often start out just by strolling around aimlessly and keeping your eyes and ears open for…

Mark and Ethan

Our Favorite Gay Couples On Youtube

♥ Mark & Ethan ♥   ♥ Shannon & Cammie ♥   ♥ Rose & Rosie ♥   ♥ Luke & Trent ♥     What do you think, who wins the cutest couple award? Do you have any other favorite couples? Comment below!…


Where to Stay in Berlin

Looking for a place to stay in a new city can be daunting. It doesn´t have to be! A number of hotels in Berlin have come together to create the Pink Pillow Berlin Collection based on the belief that all guests should be welcomed…

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A Short History of Gay Life in Berlin

Did you know King Frederick II was gay? King Frederick II ruled over Prussia between 1740 and 1786 and was homosexual. Unfortunately, homosexuals were not able to live our their homosexuality. Later, during the “roaring 20s,” Berlin entered a period of prosperity and economic success; finally, it…


John, a poem by anonymous

JOHN  by Anonymous submitted to GayinBerlin.com on November 12, 2015   I will love you anyway. You don´t have to do anything to earn my love, earn my love. Just keep on smiling the way you do, when you accidentally concentrate too hard on…