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Thoughts on the Invisible Lesbian

It is no secret that gay males dominate Berlin´s queer community. Statistics show that places like San Francisco have a more or less equal distribution of gays and lesbians, and Berlin should be no different. But the gay scene is far more prominent for…


A Short History of Gay Life in Berlin

Did you know King Frederick II was gay? King Frederick II ruled over Prussia between 1740 and 1786 and was homosexual. Unfortunately, homosexuals were not able to live our their homosexuality. Later, during the “roaring 20s,” Berlin entered a period of prosperity and economic success; finally, it…

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6 Lesbian Places to check out in Berlin

Here are six lesbian places to check out: 1. Spinnboden Lesbenarchiv  Spinnboden is the second-largest lesbian archive in the world. For more than 35 years, it has served as an archive and library, with German lesbian newspapers from the 1920s, more than 1,000 magazines, 1,500 movies,…